Family Circle Magazine Thinks I’m Stupid

I received this gem from from the people at Family Circle Magazine. They evidently think that I am either extremely gullible or pretty stupid. There are multiple things wrong this email.

  1. If you’re going to use a field merge for the greeting, take steps to ensure it’s not blank. Have a rule in place that will place “friend” in the greeting if my first name isn’t in your database. But actually that is minor compared to…
  2. YOU CAN’T BE SELECTED TO BUY SOMETHING!  Did they think I was going to miss that? Unless Family Circle Magazine became the Apple Watch overnight, I don’t think I would have problem procuring this item. If you’re sending me an offer, then state that it’s a ‘limited time offer’ but don’t try to fool me with (Congratulations!) You’ve been selected. This is basically click bait; a misleading title to increase open rates.  And it worked, because when I read the subject line I did open it. But now they have lost all credibility with me; not that I was ever going to be their customer anyway. I would be very interested to see their results for this execution as well as get the feedback of other people it was sent to. This should be a tactic of spammers, not well respected publications.  In the future keep in mind that you don’t select me to buy your products, I select you.



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