Forgotten Forms and the Sites That Use Them

White space on a website can be a beautiful thing, especially if the space is being taken up by a form that you have no intentions of replying to.

You would be surprised at how many times I have filled out forms for more information and wasn’t followed up with. This number was especially high with realtors and home builders. I’m not quite about the reasoning behind it; I would find it hard to believe, given the current state of home sales that they don’t have the time to respond.

Contact FormIs it because that we believe every website needs a form? Is it because we believe that people that fill out forms are either lacking a genuine interest or capacity to buy from us?

These are valid concerns; let’s take a look at a scenario and some ways to handle it.

You are in car sales and you receive a lead from a form on your dealership’s website and a 18 year old is inquiring about purchasing a new car. At this age he most likely doesn’t have the funds to pay for a new car in cash and doesn’t have much of a credit history to finance or lease. How do you handle this?

Option 1: Ignore the lead

Option 2: Send him a brochure in the mail in a couple of weeks about the car he’s interested in.

Option 3: Thank him for his interest. In the e-mail back to him include links to a car payment calculator, credit pre-approval and to your used vehicle selections. End the e-mail by asking him when he can come in.

In option 3, you’ve done a couple of very good things

  1. You engaged him, taken him seriously and established trust. Even if he isn’t able to purchase a car now, I’m certain when he can in a few years, your name will come to the top of his list of people to contact. Maybe he isn’t able to purchase the new car he inquired about but opened his eyes to some of your used cars.
  2. You’ve given him some tools up front to help him decide if he can purchase a car without telling him he can’t do it. You never know the persons background. He could have an inheritance or a co-signer.
  3. I’m willing to bet that a kid excited about looking at cars is going to tell a few of their hundreds of friends on Facebook about ‘Going to ABC Dealership to look at the Chevy Camaro’

When I was in car sales, I loved website leads because they were much more likely to buy from me than someone just driving around the lot. Most people sent leads to the other dealerships in the area so I made it a point to respond as quickly as possible. I found that website form leads are usually from people who want to contact you but are a bit shy and would like you to contact them. They want to be wanted. If they send their information to you and to your competitors, chances are whoever responds first wins the business because you’ve shown genuine interest about their concern. Leads that come from forms are likely more qualified because people are much more guarded about entering their information line by line than they are by just shooting off an e-mail.

Please use your forms to their fullest potential. They’re a great way to establish a connection with someone who wants to learn more about your business. Take care of them or someone else will.

If you would like help developing forms or lead nurturing, please contact me through this form… I promise to respond quickly 🙂


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