Google Plus Running Circles Around the Competition

I’m sure there is some Google Plus expert can tell you what Google Plus (herein to be referred to by Plus) actually is and how it should definitely be used. And I certainly don’t have followings as large as Guy Kawasaki, Barry Schwartz or Danny Sullivan but I do have a few things I’ve learned in just over a half year on Plus. I will tell you what it means to me how it compares to Facebook, Twitter et al and why it is the pinnacle of social networks

I’ll be honest, when I first joined Plus I was very disappointed. I didn’t get it. It seemed like there was nothing to do. Even though I told myself not to expect another Facebook, I still expected another Facebook. But in reality there is no competition between Plus and Facebook. Plus is really a combination of the most popular networks. I’ll explain:

It’s like Twitter in the sense…

That you can connect with ‘strangers’ who share your interests and you have the ability to mention people and use hashtags when talking about a topic (limited in Facebook)

It’s like Facebook in the sense…

That it’s network to keep in touch with friends and give quick status updates

It’s like Pinterest in the sense…

You can follow certain people who share regularly through circles. For instance, I have a Photoshop circle that is often sharing tutorials and tips.

It’s like LinkedIn in the sense…

You can setup a ‘professional’ circle to network with those in your area or industry.


You Will Like Google Plus if…

  • You like quality over quantity.
  • You’re not afraid of trying new things
  • You’re not afraid to be the first of your friends to join and start exploring
  • You like being able to see sites that your friends recommend while doing a Google search
  • Want control over who sees your posts

Plus Does Circles Around The Competition

It took a while but now I’m addicted and I don’t even have that many ‘personal’ friends on it yet. Circles is really what sets Plus apart. You can have different personalities. Use it for personal and professional. Use it to share. Use it to network. It’s just like real life. Some people are networking connections, some a friends, acquaintances and more. Now you don’t have to bombard my feed with your preachy political beliefs, you can just share with those who care and/or share those same beliefs.

Plus seamlessly integrates your everyday web activities into one place, with one login. And that’s a plus.



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