Marketo Certified Expert

I have been using the marketing automation platform Marketo since January of 2016, and  I became a Marketo Certified Expert in October, 2017. As the primary user of Marketo for our company, I have experience across all functions.

My experience with Marketo includes:

  • Admin role
  • Build nurture programs
  • Channel setup and management
  • Create email, form, and landing pages in design studio
  • Database management including creating smart lists
  • Lead scoring
  • First and multi-touch attribution
  • Reporting through analytics and revenue cycle explorer
  • Real Time Personalization / Web Personalization
  • Integrate with PFL
  • Integration with Akkroo
  • Integration with AtEvent
  • Integration with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Want to learn more about how to use Marketo? Read my blog posts or ask me a question.