Mining My Own Business: Jigsaw Will Lead the Way

What better way to celebrate hump day then some free data mining and lead gen tips? If you are doing a Google search for a professional, normally the top 5 results will be LinkedIn, Facebook, White Pages, Spoke and Jigsaw.  When I started my current job, I was a lead generator and Jigsaw quickly became my number one ally. My colleagues were amazed at how fast I could find contact information. I started uploading contacts that I already had to earn credits to buy other contacts, but I soon found that there was a better way… a FREE way!

Gettin Jiggy With It

Jigsaw is a database of companies and contacts that are submitted by the sites users. The information is fairly accurate but you do have to do some work to ensure you’re getting good information. You can search the companies and contacts for free and they actually give you quite a bit of information up front without requiring you to pay a dime. However if you want to buy contacts you can do so by:

  • Buying credits
  • You can upload contacts (if they’re not in the database already) for 5 points
  • You can update contacts in the database for 1 point
  • The best part about it is that if you do buy a ‘bad’ or ‘graveyard’ contact, just mark it as such and you get your credit back!

But we’re talking freebies on this post so let’s look at how to mine that data for free and make it work for you!

Hitting The Bullseye Of Prospects

Jigsaw Search of Green Bay Marketers
Jigsaw Search of Green Bay Marketers

The great thing about Jigsaw is that they have so many filters so you don’t have to waste time looking through contacts that are no use to you. I did a search for every manager, director or vice president with ‘marketing’ in their job title in Northeast Wisconsin (15 mile radius of Green Bay) and it came up with 220 results. As you can see I can even filter by industry, sub-industry, revenue and employees to really drill down information.

You can use this data in many ways such as mapping you prospects, finding deeper connections on LinkedIn, face to face networking and more.


A Little Logic Goes A Long Way

Now, you can pay to get their e-mail address and phone number but you don’t have to as long as you can use logic. This isn’t like the dawn of e-mail when someone might have an e-mail address of Most likely it will be one of three options;,

Green Bay Marketing Contact List
List of Marketing Contacts in Northeast Wisconsin or My e-mail address is so it stands to reason that someone named Eric Green would have the e-mail address of

If you want to remove doubt even more do a Google search of all three e-mail address possibilities and find out which one returns the best results.


It is great that we have these amazingly awesome free tools available. Which other ways can you see this information being used?


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