QR Codes: The Secret Handshake of the Business World

Use QR Codes to connect with customers

Have you seen these boxes with random dots yet?  For those of you who are unfamiliar with QR codes, they are 2d barcodes that can be used to transmit different types of data.  More smartphones today have a scanner built into the phone that can read the codes.  There are many free online code generators for different types of information so the only cost is the time to plan and implement your strategy.  I have a few examples below of what can be done.

Business cards

Contact Jason through this QR Code
Contact Jason through this QR Code

Instead of having someone have to manually enter your contact information; you can have a code that inputs everything for them.  As soon as they scan the QR code it allows them to save your contact information right into their contacts.  You can order cards with QR codes on them or just create the code and tape it to the back of a card that you can use over and over again.



QR Code with direction to Lambeau Field
QR Code with direction to Lambeau Field

Almost everyone has GPS on their phones so this is a great way to get them to your place of business and once again, saving them the hassle of putting in the address themselves.


Text Message

Use this qr code to send me a text message
Use this qr code to send me a text message

You can have a text message, perhaps with a coupon code or a deal in the message sent directly to one of your numbers so people can redeem coupons via text message.



Use this QR code to add my New Year's Party to your calendar
Use this QR code to add my New Year’s Party to your calendar

Please accept my invitation to my New Year’s Eve party (never too early to start planning, right?).  This would be especially useful for fundraising events.

These are just a few of the examples of the codes available.  You can place the code on websites, promotional items, flyers, mailing and literature etc.


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