Stay Active on LinkedIn With These 5 IFTTT Recipes

We all know that it pays to be active on LinkedIn for multiple reasons but coming up with new content all the time can be difficult. Once again, IFTTT is here to help. Once you set these recipes to run, you will be a content machine and you can also add additional content that you personally curate for an even greater effect.

1. Share Your WordPress Blog Posts

IFTTT Recipe: WordPress to LinkedIn connects wordpress to linkedin
Writing a blog post is a lot of work in its own right but then you also have to promote it. Use this recipe to automagically do it for you. Once you hit publish on your WordPress blog, it gets pushed to LinkedIn and shared with your connections… Like I just did.

2. Share a Popular Article from a New York Times Section

IFTTT Recipe: NYT Business Day to LinkedIn Status connects the-new-york-times to linkedinThe New York Times is in the content creation business and they are also a reputable source. There is a variety of ways to share their content but my favorite way is to share popular content from a section. I chose to share the popular articles from their ‘Business Day’ content. By sharing only popular articles, you aren’t overloading your connection’s newsfeed but you are still providing valuable content. You could also do this with Time Magazine and others.

3. Share New Job Openings from Companies You Follow

 IFTTT Recipe: Post Job Openings From Companies You Follow connects linkedin to linkedinThis recipe is a great way to potentially help the company looking for talented employees and your connections that may be looking for a new job. This will run anytime a company adds a new job opening on LinkedIn. This may help connections who don’t follow the same companies as you learn about additional opportunities.

4. Congratulate a Connection on a New Position

IFTTT Recipe: Shout Out on New Job connects linkedin to linkedin
Getting a new job or promoted to a new position is a big deal. Congratulate your connection and share the good news with you network at the same time. Even if your other connections aren’t familiar with that person, it may open up some good networking opportunities. Isn’t that what LinkedIn is all about?

5. Share a New Blog Post from a Feedly Category with Your Network

IFTTT Recipe: Feedly Category to LinkedIn Status connects feedly to linkedin
This recipes is the most flexible and perhaps most powerful. You can have as many (or few) sources in a category as you like. Currently, I am sharing posts from my ‘Local’ category from Feedly which is comprised of company blogs from businesses within Northeast Wisconsin. You can share any category of your liking.

These 5 recipes will turn you into a content machine. To see some of my other favorite IFTTT recipes, visit my IFTTT profile page.


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