Wordmark.it Simplifies Selecting the Perfect Font for your Design Project

There’s has to be an Easier Way to find the Perfect Font!

There’s got to be an easier way! I would yell this inside my head every time I was looking for the perfect font to use in a project. And in fact, there was a better way and it’s called wordmark.it.

Wordmark.it Keeps Me Sane

I’m not a designer per se, but I do a lot of design work and many times the most difficult part is picking out a font that works really well with the design piece. Wordmark.it has kept me from going insane by allowing me to eliminate my old tedious habit of highlighting text and hitting the down arrow to cycle through every available font on my computer. The clean layout of wordmark.it, makes it easy to browse through fonts and easily detect fonts that will work for your project. It’s simple to use, extremely clean and effective; a productivity junkie’s dream come true.

wordmark.it font selection
wordmark.it previews I'm Knot Marketing in all of my fonts

The Chrome App that’s not an App

I found out about workmark.it when it showed up as a Chrome app but all the app really is, is a bookmark. I would suggest getting the quasi app or at least adding the wordmark.it url to your favorites folder.

Wordmark.it has a very clean and simple interface so all you have to do is type in the word or words you want to preview text for and then click ‘load fonts’. It will display your phrase in all the different fonts on your computer. You can simply click on the fonts your like and when you’re done going through just click ‘filter’ and it will display the fonts you liked while getting rid of the rest of them.

  • Adjust letter tracking (spacing between letters)
  • Adjust the size of the text
  • Invert preview colors to see white text against a black background
  • View the different cases (Lower, Title, Upper)
  • After initial filtering, drag fonts next to each other’s to look at them side by side.
  • Zoom in to view details of the fonts (nice if using a serif font)

Wordmark.it proves once again that products or services don’t have to be flashy; they just have to be able to get things done.


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