Are Your Sales Techniques Like Trying To Soothe A Four Month Old?

If you’re not using consultative selling principles, you’re probably trying to soothe a crying 4 month old.

Ms. Customer, Please Stop Crying

Last week I was holding my four month old daughter and she started crying. In my quest to be dad of the year (last year I came in 8th place) I tried soothing her to get her to stop. My first thought was she was hungry so I fed her. It didn’t help. Then I thought that maybe she just wanted me to walk around with her. She didn’t. Then I thought she was tired so I tried rocking her to sleep. Unsuccessful.

Finally after almost crying myself, I notice that one of her socks has fallen off. I put the sock back on and I had a happy baby once again!

If my daughter could talk, I would have asked where what her pain points were, but she can’t so I had to use a method that too many salespeople use; blindly firing solutions and hope one works.

The Sales Situation Where No One Wins

  1. You spend more time selling which means you’re wasting time and have less opportunities
  2. You won’t discover other opportunities to add value to your customer
  3. You customer  will become frustrated that you don’t understand their needs

Instead, ask questions and don’t try to out-think your customers. Sometimes all they want is their sock to be put back on their foot.

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