Do You Know Y & How To Communicate With Future Generations?

Good for making furniture level

I still laugh whenever I see a phone book. The only useful purpose for printed phone books these days are for evening our furniture or helping short people see over the steering wheel. Communication is changing and you had better change with it. Getting angry at younger generations for not communicating on your level is going to cut because sooner than later they will be the ones with the dollars and you’ll have to play by their rules.

Do You Know ‘Y’

IMHO, if u cant read this u prolly aren’t communicating effectively with gen y. U can’t ignore them 4ever. They are joining the pro. workforce, maybe not 2day and maybe not 2moro but soon.

(A little help here)

Translated: In my humble opinion, if you can’t read this, you probably aren’t communicating effectively with generation Y. You can’t ignore them forever. They are joining the professional workforce, maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but soon.

I’ll be honest, even as a gen y myself; I have a hard time deciphering code sometimes. Microsoft Word really hates it; right now all I see are red and green squiggly lines. This generation is getting and receiving message at 140 characters per message. My message above had 188 characters. Generation Y has become extremely efficient in getting their message across with as little amount of characters as possible. You can try to fight it and get angry when you hire someone from this generation who doesn’t have basic writing skills or you can embrace them because they are most likely more in line with your customers entering than customers leaving.


There is no reason your information should even be a couple months out of date. Website, social sites and mobile marketing is so easy to update there should be no excuse for lag. Use the social sites for customer service. Too many businesses are leery about doing that because they don’t want negative information in the public domain but how you handle the situations is really what matters. Speak to us on our level, where we’re comfortable communicating. When we want answers we want answers now and we will spend our dollars at the first place that responds.

Short Attention Spans

Video’s great. Pictures are great. Bolded words are great. Bulleted lists are great. Paragraphs suck. Make your message concise. If we’re engaged we will keep coming back for more in small increments. If not… see ya.

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