Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Facebook Fan Page in the World

The Most Interesting Man in the World
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Earlier this year I un-fanned (new word?) a lot of the brands that I was a fan of on Facebook because I couldn’t stand how they would yell at me about how great their company or products are. They did not care at all about engaging me with or providing me with anything new or interesting. But I am still fans of a select few brands and one of them is Dos Equis.

The Most Interesting Man in the World

Like a lot of people, I became a fan of Dos Equis when they introduced the most interesting man in the world. Their Facebook page is even more interesting. The great thing about their Facebook page is that they have never (that I can remember) tried to sell me anything. In fact, if I didn’t know that Dos Equis was beer, I would have a hard time figuring it out from their Facebook page. But that’s okay because that’s what a FAN page is for; fans of their product.

Chuck Norris Jokes

Their page is centered on the most interesting man in the world and most of their posts are recycled Chuck Norris jokes. Not necessarily original, but pretty damn funny. They allow their fans to post on their wall and actually engage them. People are allowed to post their own ‘Chuck Norris Jokes’.

 Dos Equis Non-selling; Sells me Alot

I have not learned one thing about their company through their Facebook page aside from the fact that they’re good at marketing and understand social media. If I want to learn about their corporate operations, I’ll go to their website. What they’ve brought to my life is funny posts that come across my newsfeed and make me laugh. They give me content that is easy to share so hopefully I can make my friends laugh too.  I don’t even get mad if they over post, because it’s enjoyable and not bothersome. The ironic thing about it is that for all of their non-selling, whenever I’m at a bar or the grocery store, Dos Equis is always top of mind.  Don’t take social media too seriously; provide engaging content and as the most interesting man in the world would say; stay thirsty my friends.

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