Facebook Is Not a Menu Board or Marquee

I know that you are very excited to offer chicken wings this Thursday for 25 cents, but there is one problem; Facebook is not a marquee. The main thing that businesses still don’t understand about social networking is the ‘networking’ part. I am going to follow pages that want to interact with me, know my opinions and post my pictures. To be brutally honest, I don’t really care about your daily specials. If you do offer specials, it better be a deal so amazing that you’ll lose money by offering it or you better offer incentives for users to share the deal with their friends.

I want to look at some examples of pages that I follow. I don’t intend to ridicule these pages because shouting out deals is a very logical thing to do, but we’ll look at how these posts could be better.

Facebook Marquee Post #1:  The Roast Beef Melt


I’m sure that this sandwich is delicious but this it the type of information that I would go to your website for. I liken this to the Little Caesars by my house that has there employee on the corner with a sign that says ‘Hot & Ready Pepperoni Pizza $5.99’

What you could have done is asked your fans what they think the special of the day should be. You could give them four options or leave it open ended if you really want to get some feedback. Then offer everyone who submitted votes a 50 cent discount off of the special price. You have now given them two reasons to participate and you’ve gained valuable feedback.

Facebook Marquee Post #2: Free Beer

This post isn’t that bad because it mentioned the four letter f-word… free.  But they are missing an incredible opportunity here. They offer seven different kind of wings and that’s awesome. Ask me what my favorite kind is. Ask me how many kinds I’ve tried. Do the assumptive close and ask me who I’m going to get wings with tonight. I love wings and I can’t wait to tell you my thoughts about your wings!

Facebook Marquee Post #3: The Vauge


This one starts off good with a video and encouraging fans to share this post but I gotta say; this post is putting me to sleep. It is very vague. This is for an association but I’m not sure what members they’re talking about. If you’re going to create content to share, make it stand out so even if someone isn’t a fan of your page, they’ll know what you do when their friend shares this post.

Example: ‘Let’s get the word out – share with your friends why they should work with a member of the ABC Alliance to make our parks better place for our kids.

Facebook Marquee Post #4: Mantown


Again, not horrible. It gives me a lot of incentive to go to Mantown and it also mentions the f-word. But you’re still just talking at me. Ask me if I’m coming out. Ask for pictures of my most impressive Jenga structure. Ask me for a smack talk video on why I’m going to win at giant Jenga. All those things are relationship gold!

Final Point

There is nothing wrong with the posts I used in this article. I’m sure that some of their fans enjoy knowing what is going on and I can vouch that these are great places (otherwise I wouldn’t follow them) but they are capable of so much more. Ask opened ended questions and for user generated content and media. Asking your fans open ended questions on Facebook will give you better insights to your fans preferences than any survey. There’s an added bonus to tying the knot through Facebook; your fans will make your page much easier on you to manage and much more engaging for other fans.

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