Green Bay Grocery Stores: Why Do I Constantly Choose Festival Foods?

I hate parting with my money. Hate it. I especially hate spending it on necessities when I don’t even get something fun out of it. In fact, besides buying insurance, there is nothing worse than spending my money on stuff like groceries.

Where I live in the Green Bay area, I have a choice of 3 grocery stores within a 3 mile radius.

  • The closest one to me (Code Name: Texas) is what I would classify as a ‘mom and pop’ shop, where I don’t expect them to have the best prices because they can’t buy as large of quantities to drive the price down. What they lack in cost savings they make up with their amazing meat department.
  • The second closest to me (code name: Hog) is a chain grocery store (under independent franchises) that should have the best buying power of the 3.
  • The third and farthest away is very popular in Wisconsin and growing extremely quickly.

As I stated in the introduction, I HATE parting with my money but as it turns out, what I hate even more is parting with my money and not being thanked for it.  As far as customer service and ‘knot marketing’ go, one of the three blow the other 2 out of the water and that one is number 3; Festival Foods.

There is a reason that Festival Foods is growing so fast and it’s not because they have the absolute lowest prices. Their prices are competitive but it is the services they offer as well as the personal customer service that really makes them a slam dunk. They have things like ‘Tot Spot’ that make being able to bring children shopping a lot less frustrating. They’ve even added TV’s with sports on for us guys. When you go there you are surrounded by people willing to help even if it isn’t their department. The only problem with their store is that it can be too busy at times, probably because people actually like shopping there.

Customer Service Example Number One: Their Fault

In October, we celebrated my son’s first birthday and we got a cake from Festival. When my wife went to pick up the cake the day before the party, it didn’t look like it was supposed to. This was not a good thing for my wife who was already stressing a bit about the party. She was just going to take it home and be mad about it but she ended up bringing it back and letting them know about their mistake and to her surprise, they apologized and fixed it as she waited. My wife had developed a complex about buying cakes because that was the third cake in a 3 month span that didn’t turn out like she asked for.  Festival though was the only one who remedied the problem and needless to say, my wife will be going there for cakes from now on.

Customer Service Example Number Two: My Fault

We had bought a gallon of milk on a Saturday and when we got home we noticed it had a sell by date of 3 days away. We don’t drink milk that quickly so I wanted to bring it back for a date a little farther out. Now in this instance it wasn’t Festivals fault that I didn’t look at the date but they still let me return it and get a new gallon of milk. I am guessing that they took a loss on that gallon as now it was a day closer to the sell by date. I am guessing that they lost a couple of bucks by allowing me to swap out that gallon of milk. But what they realize which the other stores may not is that by allowing me to return the milk and lose a couple of bucks up front, they’ve really invested in me to continue doing my shopping their and give them much more money in return. I have a feeling that at the other 2 stores, I wouldn’t have been allowed to return the milk and they would have considered it a success of saving $2 instead of thinking of losing all my potential future dollars.

Something As Small As Coupons

When I as at the ‘Hog’ I had grabbed one of their newspaper ads with coupons in at the front of the store. I thought since they offer the ad in-store and since not many people carry scissors with them, that I would be able to just hand them the ad and they could punch in the code like they do at Festival. Not so. When I handed the cashier the ad, she opened her drawer and handed me a pair of scissors and said ‘you need to cut that out’. Even if it is store policy that the coupons need to be cut out, I would have cut it out for the customer if I would have been the cashier… I mean I already had the scissors.

Please Thank Me For Paying You

In short; it is easier for me to part with $100 at a place like Festival Foods than it is to spend $75 at the other 2 stores. When people hand you money, what they are really doing is handing you part of your paycheck. If you enjoy getting paid show a little gratitude to those wanting you to get paid.

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