LinkedIn’s New Company Page Notification Center

LinkedIn has been busy switching things around this year. In addition to a homepage redesign, they have also added some new features to company pages that all company page admins will love.

LinkedIn Company Page Notification Center

With the update to company pages, admin will now have a better understanding of how followers are interacting with the brand.

Dashboard Overview

LinkedIn's New Notification Center for Company Pages

When you log in to your company page, you will notice a new menu item in the top navigation aptly named ‘Notifications’. When you click that link you will see an aggregated overview of how many likes, comments, and shares you’ve received as well as how many times your brand has been mentioned by members on LinkedIn.

View Public Mentions of Your Company

You can now view any mention of your brand on LinkedIn, even if it wasn’t on your page. If someone tags your company in a status update, you will be able to see what they wrote. Like above you can see which influencers are talking about you as well as the sentiment of your brand, whether it is positive or negative.

Recent Interactions

In addition to the aggregate view of the dashboard, you can also filter to look just at likes, comments, shares or mentions. It will then present a list view of interactions. This new feature can help you identify who your influencers are to grow your connections.

 Comment and Like as a Company Representative

Now when someone mentions you on LinkedIn, you can respond as the brand. 38 percent of internet users form a negative opinion of companies that are late to respond to them on social media.  Now, not only will you be notified of all mentions, you can actually show the human side of your brand and let them know that their voices are being heard.

All in all, this is a big improvement for company pages. These new feature should give marketers better insights as well better organization for keeping personal notifications and company notifications front and center

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