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Dynamic Content vs Snippets vs Tokens

In Marketo Engage, there are many ways to create a personalized experience for the people in your database.  You can use dynamic content, snippets, and tokens to accomplish this. They may seem similar but they all have particular uses and advantages.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content and Snippets are the same in that they both work by using your pre-built segmentations. Once you select the segmentation you want to personalize, you can create a message for each group. Dynamic content works better where you might want to change content one time. For instance, if you are hosting an event in California and want to promote in your newsletter to just people in that state, you would want to use Dynamic content.

How to remember: One off use


Snippets are better for  things you will be doing over and over again. When we send out our newsletter, we have a space to remind the person who their sales rep is. I have created a snippet for this so that I don’t have to build it out for each email. You can use tokens as part of the snippet if you would want to pull in information about the person within the snippet itself.

How to remember: Use over and over


Tokens are not based off of segmentations but rather by data in the lead database, system, or custom tokens for a particular program or folder. These aren’t intended to replace large pieces of content (like paragraphs) but rather to reference things like a person’s name or company within the content. I use these a lot with events to update the venue, date, speaker, and more.

How to remember: mention something specific about a person

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