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Email Program Dashboard Not Matching Audience Smart List

A common question I get about Marketo Email Programs is “why are the number of emails delivered higher than the Audience in the Control Panel?” There is usually a simple answer that other smart campaigns may be sending that email in the program to other people and all of those sends will appear in the dashboard.

What is an Email Program

Although it may look different from other programs, an email program is essentially just a batch Smart Campaign with only one flow option – to send an email.

Control Panel

On the control panel you will see the following sections:


This is a simple Smart List without triggers. It’s similar to how you would create a smart list for a batch campaign.


You can only select one email (although that email may include a/b tests) so this is essentially the flow step of the campaign.


This specifies when you want to send just like choosing ‘Run Later’ on the schedule tab of a Smart Campaign.


This is like clicking ‘Run’ on the schedule tab of a Smart Campaign.


Once you understand that an Email Program is just a Smart Campaign, the dashboard will make more sense. The dashboard is simply looking for all emails sends involving the email specified in the Control Panel. Technically, you can use an Email Program but still use a Smart Campaign to handle the send and the dashboard won’t look any different. The most common reason you would see this is if you are sending to an internal seed list that is not part of the Audience Smart List. Rest assured that there is nothing more sinister going on.

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