My Favorite IFTTT Android Recipes

I love Androids and I love IFTTT so it’s only natural that I would have a post about my favorite Andorid recipes. These recipes only scratch the surface of what you can do but I use them everyday. Although I love IFTTT, the one gripe I have is not being able to create multiple triggers for similar events. For instance, in my first example, I would love to have one recipes that turns my phone volume off at 9:00 PM but turns it up to 100% at 4:30 PM. Maybe someone will hear me and make that change. On to the recipes.

Turn Phone Ringer Off / On

As mentioned above, this one task has multiple recipes. I want to ensure I get a good night sleep and I don’t want to be awaken by an Amazon email notification at 3:00 AM. This recipe does the trick and turns off the ringer for the night.
IFTTT Recipe: Mute Ringer at 9pm connects date-time to android-deviceThe other side of this is I often forget to turn my ringer on after I leave work. Thanks to IFTTT, I can now set the ringer to 100% volume at 4:30 (end of my workday) with this recipe. IFTTT Recipe: Leaving Work - Turn the Ringer Up! connects date-time to android-device

Call Twice In Case of Emergency

The only problem with the above mentioned recipe is what if there is an emergency at night and someone needs to get a hold of you? I have this recipe setup for multiple people so that if I miss a call from them, it turns my ringer to 100% so that the next time they call I will hear it. This is another instance where it would be nice to add multiple phone numbers to once recipe instead of having to create multiple recipes.
IFTTT Recipe: Call Twice In Case of Emergency connects android-phone-call to android-device

Log Wi-Fi Disconnections

Sometimes when I look at my phone, I noticed that the Wi-Fi is turned off even though I don’t remember turning it off. Now I no longer have to wonder about when I lost my connection because it will be added to a Google Sheet any time I disconnect from a network. IFTTT Recipe: Notify me when I disconnect from a Wi-Fi network connects android-device to android-notifications

Log My Phone Calls

Yeah, you can look at a phone bill and get this information but I just like keeping it on my own spreadsheet so I can see if there are any discrepancies. Once again, you will need to create separate recipes for placed, missed and received calls.
IFTTT Recipe: Keep a phone call log in Google Drive connects android-phone-call to google-driveIFTTT Recipe: Missed call log - adds missed calls to phone call log. #phonelog connects android-phone-call to google-drive
IFTTT Recipe: Archive your received calls from Android to Google Drive connects android-phone-call to google-drive

Log SMS Messages

This may be the most useful as this is a great way to back up your text messages. You never know when you might lose or break your phone. Store all of your messages on Google Drive. This can also be a great way to archive all of the conversations you’ve had with friends. IFTTT Recipe: Log all text messages connects android-sms to google-drive
IFTTT Recipe: Log sent SMS to Drive connects android-sms to google-drive

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