New LinkedIn Homepage Changes for 2015

LinkedIn has been busy making changes in 2015. When I logged into LinkedIn in February, I noticed a change to the homepage and newsfeed. Through some research, I see that this new layout has been rolling out to users since January so you may have it already or it will be coming soon. Like most changes, I hated it at first because the things I used most got moved but after playing around, I think the changes make for a much better experience.

Keep In Touch Box

I think this is a brilliant update and makes this network much more social. This box allows you to see information important information about your connections lives such as work anniversaries, new jobs, birthdays, profile changes etc. You can also like or comment right from that box. This gives you a quick way to keep in contact with connections without having to scroll through your whole news feed. You can also skip information but by doing so, you will never see that information for that member. For example, if you skip someones 1st anniversary at a company, you won’t see that notification again when it comes to their second anniversary.

People You May Know

If you are looking for people you may know, you can find it as part of the Keep in Touch Box after you cycle through information about your connections. Once you there are no more job, birthday  or anniversaries for your contacts, you can find people you may know.

Your Information

Most of this information was on the right hand side but is now top and center.

LinkedIn Profile Information

This finally gives you an easier way of viewing your most recent activity, something that took quite a few clicks before the update.  Once you click on your most recent activity, you will see four tabs at the top

  • Recent activity (last 150 updates, comments, shares, likes etc.)
  • Posts (If you publish posts on LinkedIn)
  • Drafts (Unpublished posts on LinkedIn)
  • Followers (People that are following your updates)

This is where you will also find your connections on the number of people who have viewed your profile. This is where you will also find recommended jobs or edit your profile.

Other Notebale Changes

  • You will no longer see profiles/companies you recently visited (not a huge loss for me)
  • Ads are now directly below the Keep in Touch box (for us LinkedIn advertisers out there)
  • Images are now bigger following a trend in the rest of the social media space
  • It is now much more difficult to filter updated by type (connections, posts, shares etc.

For a deeper dive of the recent changes, check out this post from James Potter at Business2Community.

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