Puyleart Brothers Rock Brown County Showcase of Homes

My wife and I always look forward to the spring and fall Brown County Homebuilders Association Showcase of Homes. We have been going for the past 3 or 4 years and it still amazes me how many of the home builders try to ‘hide’ as go through the house. Sometimes we aren’t even acknowledged at all! I don’t know why they would want to be part of the showcase if they have no intentions of generating leads.

This year we braved treacherous conditions (overdramatic?) to get to some showcase houses. One of the houses my wife and I really wanted to get to was the Puyleart Brothers house on Scray Hill Road in Ledgeview. We were impressed with their house in the fall 2011 Showcase so we wanted to see if they were a one hit wonder of if they had staying power.

I can honestly say that we were blown away. They certainly didn’t have the biggest most glamorous house in the showcase but they did have the most impressive house that we saw all weekend. The finishes were perfect and they even had a lot of things that my wife and I said ‘why didn’t we think of that.

That’s just part of what made this house amazing. As I mentioned in the opening; a lot of builders aren’t very open and can make you feel uncomfortable asking questions. You won’t find that with these guys. They certainly aren’t pushy but they were happy to answer every question we had. They even pointed out things that we hadn’t considered.

Over the years following the showcase we would e-mail builders to get more information about them and their home. You wouldn’t believe how many of them never responded to my request. So I already had a complex when I e-mailed Puyleart Brothers on the Tuesday following the weekend we visited their home. I sent the e-mail at 8:16 am and had a response by 8:31 am. Again; BLOWN AWAY! You can’t beat that response. They just thanked me for stopping by and asked if we could get together. Not pushy at all. They made me felt like me stopping by to see their work was appreciated. We have seen many impressive houses over the years but very few impressive builders. We can now add Puyleart Brothers to both lists.  If you aren’t doing anything this weekend, do yourself a favor and stop by their home.


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