100% Guaranteed Way to Increase Your Email List

If you work for a business that has made it your responsibility to grow their email database, you’re in luck. I have a surefire way to increase your list size free of charge. It’s fast (relatively) and simple (relatively). There are multiple ways to do it.

  1. The first way is much easier than the second. Just google ‘disposable email addresses’ and use one (or all!) of their services to create as many fake email addresses as you’d like. You could literally create hundreds of addresses per day and use them to enter into your database.
  2. The second option takes a little more work but you can also do this with Gmail, AOL, Yahoo or any free email provider. Going with this option also gives you the option to open emails and click links to increase open rates and click through rates. This option has an added bonus to create fake Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts to increase your fans and followers!

Either one of these options is perfectly acceptable for businesses looking to grow their contact lists. The best part is, it will usually take a few years for business owners (while admiring their impressive database growth) to come back and ask you why these contacts haven’t done anything to increase sales.

Now, if someone puts you in charge of increasing qualified leads, this option doesn’t work so well. In that case, you will have to invest in content, ads, and do actual work that matters.

Luckily, many businesses still focus on just the vanity metrics. It’s an email marketer’s dream come true!

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