11 Chrome Extensions That Make Life Better

Google Chrome extensions make life so much easier. If you’ve ever been browsing the web and thought to yourself, “I wish I could do _____”, it’s probably possible through an extension. Here are my favorites.

Awesome Screenshot

I use this extension daily. Forget using PrtScn ever again. Use this extension to select a part of a web page or even the whole damn page. You can edit the image to add highlighting, shapes and even blur out information and you can save it as a png file. You won’t know how you lived without it.


Dashlane is one of many password managers out there. It seems like every web page these days requires a login and this is a real time saver. It automatically signs you in while keeping you secure. It can also create strong passwords when you sign up for a new account on a website.


Ever wonder what technology a company is using? You can find it with this extension. When your on a page, click the bw icon and it will list out all the different technology they are using from marketing automation platforms, to analytics, to hosting, to content management systems and much more. This is extremely helpful if your work in digital marketing or IT and are interviewing for a job and want to see what technology they use.


In the past, I would have to take screenshots, paste into Photoshop and then use that color picker to get a color from a website. Now I just click the eyedropper tool in the browser and hover over an area and click copy and I’m all set to go.


There are a million tags and pixels that we have on our sites. This extension can see what is all firing when you visit a web page. This is helpful to troubleshoot issues on your own site or to spy on what trackers competitors are using.

Tag Assistant

Similar to above, this will work with Google Tag Manager. You can run it to see which tags fire to ensure GTM is working properly.

Remove cookies

Ever visit websites like Harvard Business Review or other news sites that limit you to X amount of articles before a paywall? Install this extension and click the cookie icon when on the site to remove cookies for that page and your article count will reset.

Web Developer

See what is working behind the scenes of web pages. This tool can remove unwanted styles and scripts and also helps troubleshoot issues happening on your website.

Session Buddy

I always have too many websites open at once, normally with blog posts I intend to read but never get to before I close the browser. This extension is helpful to save the tabs I have open so that I can go back to them at a later time. I found this really helpful when doing competitive research and having 30+ windows open.


The easiest way to share content I find across the web. Click the Buffer icon on the page you want to share and choose which networks you want to share it with.

What Font

If you work with creative types, this extension will help you. Similar to ColorZilla above, go to a web page and click the What Font icon and then hover over different areas to see which fonts they are using. I like to use this when I visit a site whose typography I like and capture the font for inspirations.

Here are some others I’ve used:

Similar Web

Page Ruler

SEO Quake

Meta SEO Inspector

Save to Pocket

Save to Drive

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