7 Perfect Words for Marketers

I love words. I think it is important to use the mot juste and not commit verbicide like we have done with the word ‘“amazing” where it is used to describe everything from a medical breakthrough to a to a store bought cupcake. I don’t think this is merely a catachresis; I think we have lost meaning in many words. Enough circumlocution, I will now share these seven perfect words for marketers to use.

Cathect (verb)

Definition: to invest with mental or emotional energy

With so much noise in today’s world, we can’t expect people to cathect to our messages if there is nothing unique or extraordinary about them.

Inculcate (verb)

Definition: to teach and impress by frequent repetitions or admonitions

In addition to being unique, we also need to inculcate our ideas to our audience once we have their attention as it is difficult to remember something if you only hear it once.

Grok (verb)

Definition: to understand profoundly and intuitively

If you understand your audience, they will be able to grok your messages and it may even feel like you are speaking specifically to them.

Frisson (noun)

Definition: a brief moment of emotional excitement 

If marketers are truly doing our job, the experiences we create will cause frisson as our bodies release dopamine and serotonin.

Promulgate (verb)

Definition: to make (an idea, belief, etc.) known to many people by open declaration

If our audience doesn’t grok our ideas after our efforts to inculcate them, it could be because we haven’t done a good enough job to promulgate them. Our messaging may be fuzzy. We can’t be acting coy or assume our audience knows who we are and what we stand for.

Ersatz (adjective)

Definition: being a usually artificial and inferior substitute or imitation

There is a lot of competition and a lot of noise out there which can lead many people to settle for an ersatz solution to their problems. Marketers behind great products and services play a critical role in creating compelling messages and experiences to help customers understand why it makes more sense to do business with us.

Coterie (noun)

Definition: an intimate and often exclusive group of persons with a unifying common interest or purpose

In the examples above, I kept using the words “audience” and “customers” but this is an understatement. We are really speaking to a coterie. In my day job, this would be helping people who want to make the most of their Marketo Engage investment. In fact, coterie could be used interchangeably with  ICP (Ideal Customer Profile).

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