9 Must Have Extensions for Chrome

Hopefully you aren’t using Internet Explorer right now; if you are, make sure you download Google Chrome. Many people are very loyal to which browser they use whether it be, Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari or Google’s Chrome (most people are forced to use Internet Explorer). I prefer Chrome so in this post I will give you the best 9 extensions for marketing and productivity that I have found so far.

Quick Extension Tutorial

For those of you that aren’t all that familiar with extensions, extensions allow your browser to do more than just surf web pages. They can look at code and allow you to dive deeper into web pages. In short; it helps make less accessible information more accessible.

1. SEO for Chrome

With one click you can find out how many pages a website has indexed in various search engines. You can also find out the Alexa rank and how many backlinks a page has. You can also gain insights into how the page is shared over different social networks. Excellent extension for your own website and to gain competitive intelligence.

2. After the Deadline

I am a horrible typist and some web pages don’t have a spell checker to protect me from myself. After the deadline saves the day by looking at any field your typing in to alert you to all the mistakes you’ve made.

3. Tweet Deck

Quick launch to your TweetDeck application so when you have a thought on a moment’s notice, you can tweet it to the world.

4. G Links

Click on any web page or link and it will give you similar pages, all the pages that link to that page/link as well as a site search.

5. Evernote Web Clipper

I know many of you use Evernote and this extension makes it very easy to clip a web page or URL to view later.

6. Right Click Lorem Ipsum

If you’re making a new website or need placeholder text for any reason, this extension is for you. In any field just right click and it will generate lorem ipsum text for you.

7. Fully Loaded

Speed is everything and this handy extension will tell you how fast the web page loaded and a breakdown of which elements of the page took the most time to load.

8. Tape

I found this handy when I was designing my website. I could take on screen measurements of other websites I liked so I could decide on the best dimensions for the various parts of my website.

9. PriceBlink

This is more of a consumer based extension but greatly increases efficiency. When you are on an e-commerce website (Amazon, Best Buy, Target) this extension will alert you to any current deals or coupon codes as well as comparison pricing any item you’re looking at with other online retailers to make sure you’re getting the best price possible.

These are just a few of many. Take a look around and see what fits you and I would appreciate it if you would share extensions you find with the community and me.

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