Advanced Google Search Tips for Job Seekers

Most people are probably pretty familiar with how Google works and I’m sure that sales people and job seekers are already using it to accomplish their goals. But did you know that Google has hidden powers you can use to streamline your search process? The one I am going to cover today is site search. Yes, I know that many sites have their own search boxes but those are often inferior to the results that Google displays. By using this technique, you are also saving yourself the time of having to load a web page first before using the search feature.

This technique is simple to use. All you have to do is type keyword or phrase. This will only show your results pertaining to the exact domain (i.e. If you are looking for third party information then you will have to do a traditional Google search.


These tips can be used by anyone but I wanted to specify how these techniques can especially benefit job seekers and sales people.

Career page

If you’re looking for a job and reading this, I know that you are familiar with LinkedIn. You probably also know about Indeed, CareerBuilder and a host of other job boards. You may also know that there are many great jobs on employer’s websites that don’t get posted to the big job boards. I found during my job search that some career pages can be difficult to find but with this technique, you don’t have to click through a bunch of pages to find it. Once you’ve identified employers you are interested in, you type careers


About Us / History / Leadership

Whether you’re a job seeker or a sales person, it is critical to know something about your prospective client/employer. This will give you quick access about a company’s past, what it stands for today as well as who’s leading it. This can be very useful for sales peopling looking to reach the C-Suite.


News / Blog

Much like the example above, this search gives you insight about the company. This search will give you the most recent information. This is a great place to learn about awards, company expansion, new hires and more.


With more and more businesses blogging, you can also look at some of their posts to see which topics are important to them.



You can also use just the site search to see what results Google displays. Google is pretty smart and they’re really good at ranking pages based on importance. If the third page on the ranking is about sustainability, it’s most likely because that is pretty important to the company.

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