Bored Time

I wish I was bored more often. Sometimes I make time just to be bored. It is getting harder and harder in our connected world to be bored though and I think it is detrimental to our creativity.

When our brains are constantly being stimulated, there is no break to digest the information. As soon as we process something we’re onto something else with no time to ponder what we just took in. Being bored allows us to go over things we have learned in the past or questions that have come up but gone unanswered. It is why many people find “shower time” to be when all of their great ideas come to them.

There’s plenty of time to be bored. Next time you have an appointment, look forward to your time in the waiting room where you can just think. Same for the airport. I’m sure you will come up with great ideas while you’re waiting to board your plane. When driving in the car, turn off the music or put on something instrumental that doesn’t require your mind to think. I am the last one to denigrate technology and think it can be wonderful but taking a break from it from time to time can be wonderful too. Plus it’s probably best for your wellbeing to get away from news and social media for a bit.

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