Do You Follow These Three?

Over the past five years, I have probably acquired more knowledge than during my whole time in school and it is due to the great people I have followed. These people have made my life infinitesimally better and I admire how they can cut through the noise and make things very simple and obvious. If you’re not already following them, make sure you do.

Derek Sivers

Minimalistic. Derek Sivers doesn’t post often but when he does, it’s always memorable. I first learned of Derek when I listened to his audiobook, Anything You Want. I loved his lessons from the book and he continues to be an inspiration and he has one of my favorite Ted Talks of all time.


Keenan is the best thing about LinkedIn. I started following him because I wanted to learn more about sales but he goes way beyond sales and is one of leading voices of personal branding. He takes no nonsense to the extreme and pulls no punches. It is almost always something you need to hear and something you can use to grow your career.

Bernadette Jiwa

I found out about Bernadette Jiwa from Seth Godin. What I love about her, is that her blog posts are never more than a couple of short paragraphs, yet she always leaves an impression and makes a deeply profound point. It would be wise for everyone in marketing to follow her.

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