4 Tools To Uncover Available, High Quality Domains

Registering domains is one of my favorite past times but finding a good domain is getting harder and harder. As more of our daily lives move online, anyone starting a business has to do some research before naming it to ensure that a good quality, relevant domain is available. There has been some relief with new top level domains being made available, but adoption for these top level domains has been slow. This means that for many, a .com is still the way to go. Below are the resources I used to find good quality domains.

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is my favorite tool because all you have to do is put in a keyword and it will populate with a list of available domains as well as Twitter handles. So if you were starting a web design company, you could put ‘webdesign’ in the search box and you will get either beginning or ending in ‘webdesign’.

You also have the ability to filter the results on the left hand side. If you want to a domain that starts at the beginning of the alphabet just select ‘Alphabetical’ in the left hand side. If you are following Moz’s advice and trying to keep it short, search by length. You can also specify if you want your keyword to appear that the beginning or end. In our web design example, we would probably want it to be at the end.


NameTumbler works much the same way as Lean Domain search as you can put in a keyword and click a button to generate ideas. One of the big differences is that with NameTumber, you have to manually check to see if a domain is available, which can be time consuming and frustrating. On the positive side, one of the other differences is that NameTumbler allows you to search for combination by types of speech, industry and adding common endings such as ism, ify, less etc.


Impossibility.org works alot like NameTumbler by adding a keyword to different parts of speech. This one limits how many characters the wildcard  can be, either 4, 5 or 6 characters. This is a bit limiting but also a positive as you should try to limit the amount of characters in your domain. This tool also only displays available domains.


Dot-o-mator is a great tool if you have no idea of a name for a domain. You can add choose from a prepopulated list of ideas such as colors, tech related terms, or games. Perhaps your problem is that you have too many name ideas. If so, you can type in a list of your ideas and combine with popular endings. This tool will give you more abstract combinations but it may help open your mind to the possibilities.

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