How I Got Started Podcasting

I started podcasting a couple months ago and I wanted to share how I got up and running. Below is everything I use and if you follow my setup (with a caveat for the audio editor) you can get started for $100.

Recording Equipment

Zoom H1

What I love about this recorder is that it doesn’t require you to be connected to a computer so you can bring it anywhere. The sound quality is phenomenal and I have even received compliments on how professional it sounds. You can plug in external microphones if needed but it does record right out of the box. You can also plug in headphones so that you can listen as your record. It stores recordings on a micro USB card and you can transfer recordings via USB cable as well.

Audio Editor

Adobe Audition

This is my caveat. I purchased the Adobe Creative Suite for $50+ a month which includes Adobe Audition. You can certainly find free audio editing tools out there to do some simple cleanup. In fact, the only thing I use Audition for is to cleanup the beginning and ending of the recordings and fix some volume levels; things that you will be able to do with a free editor.

Podcast Host


Now that you’ve created a podcast, now you need a place to host it. There are plenty of options but can be expensive when you’re just starting out. That’s why I LOVE Buzzsprout. You can get a free account and be able to upload 2 hours of audio per month. On the free plan, the recordings do expire after 90 days but it otherwise fully functional. I love their simple to use interface that even a novice could navigate and their sharing tools. They also give you embed code so you can add your episodes to your website.

Getting Listed

Once you upload your audio files, you can also point people to your Buzzsprout page to listen to your episodes but you most likely also want to get listed on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify to name a few. Once again Buzzsprout makes this simple by having directions right on their site and even does the heavy lifting for you. Once you add it to the different services, it takes about a day to get approved and after that it will always update with your latest episode.

If you start a podcast, I’d love if you would share it with me. Add the link in the comments or connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter. Happy podcasting!


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