I Don’t Want to Bother My Customers With Email Marketing

I sometimes hear business owners or marketers say that they don’t use email marketing because they don’t want to “bother” their customers. If you’re worried about driving customers away or bothering your customer with your email marketing; then you’ve got bigger problems than email.

Why wouldn’t your customers want to hear from someone they do business with? Do you have nothing of value to offer? No insights to share that may make their life or jobs better? Are you doing business with customers who like you so little that just seeing your name in their inbox would drive them away?

My guess is that people hate email is the same reason they “hate” content marketing, and social media: because it requires you to care, and build valuable content. Most people want to blast promotions focused on themselves because it’s easy and that’s what brands did in the 50’s. And that’s what people hate.

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