Quitting is Awesome

Quitting gets such a bad rep and nobody wants to be labeled a quitter. I used to think quitting was bad too until I read The Dip by Seth Godin and it changed my whole perception around quitting and how quitting is necessary if we want to be great. 

It’s ok to start something, get some knowledge from it, realize it isn’t for you, and drop it to focus on something else. In fact many of the tech companies receive flack because they regularly create and kill products. Google is one of the most notorious to do this and there is even a site dedicated to all of the products they have killed. Why would they stick with a product that isn’t as good as it could be? Why would any of us stick to something that doesn’t fulfill us just so we don’t have to admit that we quit?

In our lives and careers we must quit. I’m guessing most of you are quitters, otherwise you are working in the exact same role for the exact same company that you did when you started your career. There was a time earlier in my career where I was a digital marketing specialist. This meant I was responsible for email marketing, social advertising, some AdWords, website administration and even SEO. It was great for exposure but you can’t be great at all of those. I wanted to be great at Marketing Automation which means I had to quit social media advertising, SEO etc.

Please join me in quitting. Don’t do something that doesn’t bring you joy or won’t get you to where you want to go just so you can say that you “didn’t quit”. Greatness requires you to quit.

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