All Refrigerators Keep Food Cold

How do you pick a refrigerator? If you ask most people, they will tell you that they are rational shoppers, but we live in a busy and complex world that makes it nearly impossible to be rational. We need to have the ability to make decisions from the gut or we would be in an endless loop of comparison.

If you go to Lowes’ website, you have 842 refrigerators to choose from so how are you going to pick out one from the pack? Certainly you have space requirements to help narrow it down but what happens after that? You have to try to assess a value on:

  • How much more should stainless steel worth compared to just white or black
  • How much is an icemaker worth
  • How much are french doors worth?
  • What is the brand worth?

These are just a few of the decisions that you will have to try to make.

All Refrigerators Keep Food Cold

A refrigerator’s main duty is to keep food cold but all refrigerators keep food cold, so why don’t we just buy the cheapest one that fits the space? The answer is because refrigerators say something about ourselves. We want guests to be impressed when they see it. We want to feel good about our self and our status in life when we are making dinner.

Expecting our customers to sort out the facts themselves in an enormous amount of work and they most likely won’t be happy after the purchase. We owe it to our customers to make it easy for them to choose and feel good about their purchase.

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