The Posts I’m Most Embarrassed By

In August, I set a goal to publish a new blog post every day and I just completed my first month. It’s crazy how hard it is to get started and then how much easier it gets. This has been such an incredible exercise because in addition to the benefit of writing leading to more writing, it has also improved my thinking in work and life and has made me more aware of what’s happening around me. I also know that I am only a day or two of not publishing away from it all falling off the tracks.

My website isn’t new, I actually started it in 2012. I’ve had a lot of bad takes during that time like this and this, but the posts I am most embarrassed about never made it to my site. These posts that just stayed in my mind – never to see the light of day. 

Here’s the breakdown of how much I didn’t publish over the past 8 years – wasted time:

  • 77 of 105 months
  • All of 2014
  • 3,048 days

I am going to have bad takes that don’t age well. That’s part of creating. What I regret the most is the ideas that I’ve missed out on. Even if I had just published one post a week I would be at 435 published posts. The good news is that it’s never too late to start or re-start. If you’re thinking of starting (or re-starting) a project, let me know. I’d love to follow along.

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