Vodka Won New Year’s Eve

I know that New Year’s Eve was over two months ago but while playing around on Google Trends,  I did a search for Captain Morgan and as one would assume, searches for it spiked (no  pun intended) on New Year’s Eve. So I thought, let put the main spirits against each other to see what people were craving on New Year’s Eve.

Winner: Vodka

The overall winner was vodka. The search term “vodka” had a search volume index of 100 while “whiskey” had 68,”rum”53, “gin” 23 and “tequila” 44.  Keep in mind that Google trends uses normalized data, not absolute values so in theory, whiskey may have had more overall searches but vodka definitely saw the biggest boost.

Whiskey States

Whiskey was very popular in Montana as well the rest of the plains / northwest. Ironically, Wyoming and South Dakota had lower number of searches for whiskey… maybe they vacationed to Montana for New Years.

Vodka States

Vodka was a big hit at our nation’s capital as well as all up and down the east coast. All of the top 7 cities bordered the Atlantic ocean. You will also notice that the biggest Whiskey state, Montana, wanted nothing to do with vodka. Maybe this was the cause of that whole east coast – west coast rivalry.

Rum States

I’m a rum drinker. And like myself, rum likes to mingle and kind of gets along with everyone. The highest search volume was in New Hampshire but it was also popular in the midwest (Oklahoma) and south (Louisiana). Once again, Montana is like “just give me whiskey”.

Gin States

Ahhh, with only being one week removed from Christmas, what better way to ring in the New Year than a drink that tastes like pine trees. Once again, D.C. had the highest search volume.  Vodka and Gin, maybe that’s why they make the decisions that they do.

Tequila States

One of my other favorites. This should come as no surprise, but the southwest was the place to be for Tequila drinkers. Maybe I can use this as an excuse to go to Hawaii for New Year’s Eve.

Which state do you belong in? What were you searching for on New Year’s Eve?

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