Selling Cars for a Living Part 1: Tips for Car Buyers

If You Were A Car Salesman, You Must Be A Jerk

I know that no kid thinks about their future and ponders how to become a car salesman. We’re all a bunch of slimeball, hustlers who use voodoo and black magic to influence you to make decisions against your will. I’ll be honest, before I started working in car sales, I had the same perceptions. To say my mom was disappointed when I told her about my new venture, would be an understatement. I soon found out that car salesmen were people too; they have families, goals, dreams, a life outside of work and don’t just sit in their lair all day scheming on how to rip off the next unsuspecting schmo.

You’ll Find What You’re Looking For

There are bad people in car sales just like in any profession on the face of the earth. As in any story that’s newsworthy, the bad seeds get the attention. So customers read these horror stories of slimy car salesmen just before they go car shopping and come to the dealership looking for a fight.

Quick Story: A woman and her husband came to the Green Bay dealership I worked at looking for a fight. During the test drive they basically laughed at everything I told them and tried to discredit me. They noticed that on the window sticker that the Volkswagen Jetta only got a 4 stars on crash test ratings, while all the Chevrolet’s on our lot had 5 star crash ratings. I tried explaining that although both cars are safe, American companies normally build cars to do well specifically for the crash test while Volkswagen builds car to be safer in real world crash environments that can’t be easily predicted in a crash test. That is a true statement. They thought I was handing them a load horsesqueeze and that was the end of that test drive.

These people are normally the most unhappy with their purchase no matter where they end up buying from. People that go to the dealership looking for an adviser or consultant and take the time to describe exactly what they are looking for will be extremely satisfied with their purchase.

Bringing The Deal To The Manager

I often have to be just as if not more persuasive to get my manager to approve a deal. As much as I represent the dealership, I also represent my client.  It is my best interest to get a fair deal for both the dealership and my client.  Repeat customers are the lifeline of car sales and that is my incentive to make sure you are taken care of. To be honest, one sale from you is just a drop in the bucket. What I am really looking for is repeat sales and a relationship that can be beneficial for both you and me going forward.

3 Tips For The Car Buyer

  • If you strictly buy on price, you will always be disappointed. Every dealership can beat another dealership by $50.
  • Let the salesman know what you’re looking for. They may have gems that you don’t even know about.
  • Find a good salesman and stick with them. It will benefit you both in the long run.


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