Selling Cars for a Living Part 2: Tips for the Car Salesman

Me writing about selling cars for a living is a bit absurd because I only did it for eight months. But, during those eight months I learned more about selling, lies, truths, persistence, perceptions than I could have ever imagined. I certainly learned what aspects of my game were most important in closing deals.

The other day I gave tips to car buyers on how to buy vehicles. Today I am here to give car salesmen some tips that I found very useful in my very short time in the business.

Pop Quiz

As a salesman, you will feel like a politician at times. Customers are doing research on every aspect of car buying in order to try to catch you on any slip up you make. Customers are also using other information from other dealerships against you. Green Bay is a small city and it doesn’t take much to drive to another dealership on the other side of town that sells the exact same vehicle. They may be getting bad information that you will have to try to clarify and you may even end up looking like the bad guy. If you notice someone is there just to fight you and discredit you; go to the step below.

Wasted Energy

I know with quotas to meet, it is never easy to turn down a sale. But if a customer you are working with is driven by price only and not a good candidate for repeat business, don’t spend much time with them. Spend time on relationships worth nurturing. When you find a good customer; be fair.

Don’t Let the Dealership Do Your Work for You

Social media isn’t just for businesses anymore. One of the mistakes I made while in car sales was expecting the car manufacturers and the car dealership to do my advertising for me. If I only knew then what I know now. Customers are going to buy from YOU. You can leverage the strength of the manufacturer and dealership but in the end it’s all about you satisfying their need. The dealership needs you more than you need them. In fact you could start at a different dealership tomorrow and if you’ve been a good knot marketer, your clients will follow you; not the dealership. Make sure you are utilizing the different social media channels to connect with your customers on a personal level. You can see if they’re sharing their experience of working with you with their friends. Start a blog about deals at your dealership, cool features on the cars you sell, tips when buying a car etc. Make the buying process between you and them.

Sell Something You Love

This makes your job so much easier. When I worked at the Chevy dealership (before bailout) it was right about the time that they released the Chevy Traverse. I loved that vehicle so much more than any other vehicle on the lot and my clients could tell. Without even trying, I was more passionate about it and customers feed off of excitement. They want to be enthusiastic about their purchase. My close rate on Traverse’s was pretty solid and much of it had to do with the way I felt about the vehicle.

3 Tips for the Car Salesman

  • Be fast to respond to any lead or question that comes in. Customers want answers today; not three days from now.
  • Love what you’re selling and be enthusiastic about it.
  • Find customers that are fair to you and build relationships with them.

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