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Persistent Variables in Workato with a Global Variables Lookup Table

When building  Workato recipes, there often arises a need for variables that persist across different jobs. Unfortunately, the native Variables action step falls short in this regard, as it resets with each job iteration. In this blog post, I’ll share a workaround I devised to overcome this limitation by leveraging a Global Variables Lookup Table.

Global Variables Lookup Table

To address the challenge, I created a dedicated lookup table named ‘Global Variables.’ This table comprises three essential columns—’variable_name,’ ‘current_value,’ and ‘previous_value.’ . You may choose to include additional columns based on your specific requirements.

How it Works

Each time a job runs, I retrieve the current value from the lookup table using either the lookup table action step or a lookup formula within a field. Subsequently, I update the current value with the latest record ID and set the previous value to the previous current value.

Benefits and Versatility

This workaround not only allows me to use variables across jobs but also opens the door to creating multiple global variables for a variety of different projects. It’s a powerful solution that enhances the flexibility and adaptability of your Workato recipes.You can seamlessly pick up from the last recorded state in each job, making your workflows more robust and efficient. Feel free to experiment and extend this concept to suit various scenarios within your Workato projects.

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