Would You Pay More for Less?

Pullmans Review

Later this month I will be attending an event at Pullmans in Appleton and I’ve never been there before so I wanted to see what the food and atmosphere is like. After looking through a few of the reviews, one of them really stuck out.

The reviewers name was Karrie who said that she and her husband went there for their anniversary and wanted to treat themselves for the special occasion. She goes on to say “Keeping that in mind we thought when we paid $20+ a plate we were going to get $20+ worth… and we didn’t. The only portion that seemed fitting of the price were the potatoes which tasted dry and “instant” The beer my husband ordered tasted stale and my steak.. what little there was, was over cooked, tough and dry.”

I laughed when I first read this because when I thought everyone knew that the price of food is equivalent to the quality, not the quantity of it. But then I thought that most things in life are calculated just as Karrie did in this example. If I get more for less, it must be better. Now if the quality is lacking as she says it is, I can see her problem with paying that amount for a meal. However, I went to Syrah in Green Bay and my experience was awesome and the food was incredible so I had no problem paying $30 a plate.

Time To Slaughter Some Sacred Cows

One infamous example of a place that serves a large amount of food for not that much money is Victoria’s. Many people are crazy about the amazing food but the truth is our mind is tricked into believing that. I used to be part of that crowd. How can you not be? You get freebies like the multiple bread baskets and their meals are so cheap considering the amount you get. I mean you basically have to take 3 boxes home at the end of your meal. What a value! Except, have you ever had a meal there that you couldn’t make at home? I haven’t. My mind tricked me into believing that I got so much food for so little money that it must be a great value. In reality, it’s a fast food restaurant, a Fazolis if you will, that serves you so much food that they can charge you $15 a plate. You’re happy because the ambiance they create makes it seem like a very nice restaurant, it seems like homemade Italian and you don’t pay much more than you would have at a place like Applebee’s.

Our Cheap Irrational Minds

Our minds have become programmed to think this way. Paint is paint so why spend $40 a gallon when you can get it for $15 dollars a gallon. Why buy a $30 toaster when you can get one for $10? I mean all it does it toast bread. Why spend $25 on a 6 ounce steak when I get a 48 ounce steak for $9.99 plus a free t-shirt if I finish it. We don’t think logically. We don’t realize that the $40 paint will cover in one coat and wont peel or fade over time. The $30 toaster will toast your bread consistently and last 5 times longer. And the $25 steak will be a better cut, have better taste and most likely be better for you.  We have a hard time taking quality into effect when buying product. It looks the same so all prices should be about the same. In reality we should look at long term costs. I guess for special occasions people like Karrie should go to Golden Corral, I’ll stick with Syrah.

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