Not Knowing is a Choice

The information age can be a gift and a curse. The good news is that you can learn about practically anything you want, but the bad news it that you no longer have an excuse of “not knowing”. In general, anything we don’t know now is by choice.

The internet is the printing press of our time. It has made information that used to only be available to the few (higher education) available to the masses. There are world class geniuses and engaged communities giving you this information for free. Using tools such as Feedly, you can create subscriptions from your favorite websites to get news and blogs delivered to you.

Here is a list of resources I use on a regular basis:


Small Business Administration

Small Business Trends


Grammar Girl

Blogging Pro


English Grammar


Marketo (biased)


Content Marketing Institute


Kiss Metrics

Web / Programming

W3 Schools


Stack Overflow


It doesn’t stop there. There are many more resources such as if I wanted to learn another language, get better at public speaking, brush up on some math and science, or just learn from the best universities. So far, everything I mentioned is free. There are even more ridiculously inexpensive tools as well such as my favorite, (which is free through the Brown County library), Code School and Babbel to name a few.

There has never been a better time to learn something new.

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