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How to Use Rollup and Count Fields

The rollup field in Airtable is an excellent way to summarize data from a linked table in the same base. As the name implies, any time you want to roll data up to a larger “bucket”, the rollup field will be useful.

The Budget Example

I created this Budget template base that you can use to see how Rollup and Count fields work. In this base I have three tables: 

  • Transaction: The individual transactions (purchases) that have an amount and category
  • Categories: The individual buckets that make up a budget. Every budget has one or more categories and allow granularity into where spending is taking place
  • Budget: The high-level view of all spending and which money is allotted and tracked

On the transaction tab, I have a field linked to the categories tab. When I log a new transaction, I select which category that falls under. For instance, if I purchased $42.50 worth of gas at a Shell station, I would add the category of ‘Gas & Fuel’. If I had to get my brakes replaced for $670, that transaction would be categorized as ‘Vehicle Maintenance, Service, and Repair’.

Airtable base showing a transactions for Shell Gas for $42.50 categorized under Gas & Fuel, and a transaction for Brake replacement for $670 categorized under Vehicle Maintenance, Service, and Repair.

These would be two separate transactions with two separate categories, but their total would ‘rollup’ to the budget of ‘Auto and Vehicles’. In this example, the Rollup field would show $712.50 (42.50 + 670).

Airtbale Budget table showing rollup amount of $712.50 out of a budget of $5,000. The categories that make up the $712.50 are highlighted in green.

Rollup Formula

When you create the field, you need to select the linked table, and the field from that table for which you want to add values. In my example for the Budget table, I want to get data from the Amount field of the linked Categories table. Although you can use different formulas for rollup, the main one (and the one used in this example) is SUM(values). 

Airtable rollup field using the linked field of Categories and the field of Amount. The formula for this field is SUM(values)


The count field is similar to the rollup field except that instead of returning a combined value, it will just count how many times a linked record appears. In the example above, theses would be the following counts:

  • Gas & Fuel: 1
  • Vehicle Maintenance, Service, and Repair: 1
  • Auto and Vehicles: 2

These formulas will help you get more insights from how different records in your base are adding up to the whole picture.

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