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Collecting Data from UTM Tags Using Hidden Fields

Collecting data from UTM tags using Marketo forms is incredibly easy. I use them to capture lead (person) source data using the utm_medium and utm_source tags.


Let’s say we are doing a promotion with a partner of ours where they are going to place display ads on their site as well as send an email to their database, directing people to our site. Here are the links we are going to use

Display Ad


Email Link



UTM TagField in Marketo
utm_mediumPerson Source
utm_sourceLead Source Detail

Marketo Form Builder

You can create a form and add in the fields that you want displayed for people to fill out. You will also create two fields that we are going to hide from view but will be used to capture the data from above.

How to add hidden fields

  1. Click the purple + button
  2. Look for the field you want to add (in this case Person Source)
  3. In the right sidebar, change Field Type to Hidden
  4. Leave Form Pre-Fill Enabled
  5. Click the Edit link by Autofill
  6. Click the Get Value From dropdown and change it to URL Parameter
  7. For Parameter Name type in utm_medium
  8. Click Save and you’re done

You can do the same thing for Lead Source Detail field, but make sure you change step 7 (Parameter Name) to be utm_source.

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