A Camera Has Never Taken a Photograph

People take pictures, not cameras. A camera is simply a tool that a photographer uses, but it does nothing on it’s own. If you put a camera on a counter, it will no spontaneously start taking pictures.

Even as just a hobbyist, I hear “wow, you’re camera takes really nice pictures” so I can only imagine how often a professional hears the same thing. There’s no question that a higher end camera will give you more control over how the image turns out but ultimately it still comes down composition and the ability of the photographer to use the controls and the right lens to make the perfect photograph.

If you say “your camera takes really nice pictures” you should also say:

  • To a musician – “your guitar plays really good music”
  • To a chef – “Your pans make really good food”
  • To a salesperson – “Your computer makes really good presentations”
  • To a developer –  “Your keyboard types out really good code”
  • To a  carpenter – “Your hammer makes really great houses”
  • To an athlete – “Your shoes move really fast”

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