Air Conditioners, Marketing and Sales

Ready for a terrible sales and marketing metaphor? I believe sales and marketing working together are like an air conditioner. An air conditioner works in two parts: first removing the heat and humidity from a space and then by blowing the cold air into the space. Without both of these mechanisms working you will either have a space that’s not humid but has no air flow or a space where the cold air just gets mixed in with the hot humid air and does nothing to cool it down. You need both.

Marketing’s Function: Remove the Heat

It is the marketer’s responsibility to remove friction, or in this metaphor heat and humidity. Our goal is to make the environment right so that sales can come in and focus on providing cool air.

Sales’ Function: Bring the Cool Air

Now as a marketer I would love to say that sales brings hot air (I’m just kidding – I love you salespeople) but in this instance they are providing the cool air that provides relief for the prospects.

Once these pieces are in place, prospects are comfortable to become customers.

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