Supper Clubs and Restaurants

Growing up in Wisconsin, I assumed that every state had supper clubs. It wasn’t until the last ten years when I found out that they are a uniquely Wisconsin thing.

You walk in to a place and if you don’t know the other patrons in there,you soon will. You will learn their names, their kids name, what they do for a living and more. It is customary to get a drink or two and there is no rush to get to your table. In fact the longer you have to wait the better. The menus are simple and the bartenders and wait staff are professional.

Supper clubs and restaurants are similar in that they both serve food but they go about it in different ways. In most restaurants, the food is the experience and the reason for going while a supper club is an experience that just happens to end with eating food.

There’s more than one way to succeed.

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