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Are you looking for free, legitimate photos to use in your communications? If so, check out Pixabay. At first I thought it was a site full of pirated photos but then I saw that it is actually connected to Creative Commons and that it was truly legit. Pixabay allows you to download high res photos for free for either your commercial or non-commercial project without even having to give attribution to the creator (although it’s always appreciated). The quality is outstanding and I even thought that some of the pictures were from ShutterStock or one of the other stock image sites. They have a ton of photos on the site and their search feature is pretty accurate so you should be able to find a photo for whatever you’re looking for.

I have submitted ten photos to Pixabay that you can like or download. The site is made possible through photographers that are more interested in building there personal brand and sharing their art with the world than they are about getting paid. I just started shooting with my Nikon DSLR last year and I like the site because it allows me to submit my work and get feedback as well as give me exposure as a photographer. I am excited at the thought that someone may use my photo for their design piece and that it will be seen by more people than just my friends and family.

Most true artists are going to create whether they get paid to or not, because the creating is the reward. It is always nice to get paid for your work but being able to share it with the world trumps all. That’s why these websites have become more popular over time because the need to share your knowledge, your experience, your art is so rewarding. Of course if you find the site useful and have a favorite photographer, you also have the option to buy them a cup of coffee.

Let me know what you think of this website or if you have any favorite websites with similar ambitions. If you’re a photographer, you should look at submitting your photos to Pixabay as well and feel free to connect with me on social media so we can share photos together.

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