I Wish The Locksmith Took Longer

I was listening to the $100 Startup audiobook the other day and there is a story of a lady who needed a locksmith because she had locked her keys in her car. The locksmith was nearby and within 5 minutes of hanging up, arrived at her location and opened her car. The charge for this was $50 and she felt uneasy about the transaction. Even though she was appreciative of his quick response, she subconsciously wished it would have taken longer or that he would have struggled more.

Of course you aren’t paying for their time; you are paying for their expertise.

I think this mindset is prevalent at many companies this very day. I can’t believe that it is 2018 and we are still using inputs (hours) as a basis for compensation and….. And not output (results). We cheer the person who is there over 50 hours a week while we demonize someone who is there just 40. What if the person who put in 40 was more efficient and created better quality of work?

Measuring time is easy. Check time clocks, computer logins, and security badge scans. Measuring results is difficult. Measuring results means you have to be clear from the beginning on what success looks like. Let’s start treating employees like locksmiths and reward their expertise; not their time

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