Analyticless Social Media

If I had programming skills, the first project I would work on is a social media platform that provided no analytics. And if I had wheels I’d be a wagon. So instead of actually building this myself, let me share my dream with you. 

The platform would still have things such as likes and comments but they would be more for the user consuming the content than the creator. If a user liked something, it would be for their own reference (like a bookmark) and never shared with the creator. Same thing with comments. If you commented on someone else’s work, the default would be to share it with your connections and you would have to select an option if you wanted the original creator to see it (much like a direct message). This would be the same with shares. Only the person sharing it would know. 

Now people and brands could put out content that they are most proud of without worrying about likes, comments, shares, or being greeted with red circles with numbers inside of them they log in. You can like and comment on your own post like many do on LinkedIn but only you will see it. You will be free from obsessing over impressions, reach, and clicks. Brands will no longer have to put together meaningless reports based on these vanity metrics, freeing up time to focus on work that matters.

I don’t feel like there is much of a market for such a site and I don’t think brands will spend time on things they can’t measure but if you do have programming skills, feel free to run with the idea. I’ll join.

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